Already have an Algorand Wallet? You can import the wallet into MyAlgo.

In order to interact with websites that allow you to buy, sell, and create Algorand NFTs like AB2 Gallery, you need to setup a MyAlgo wallet.

If you already created a wallet on MyAlgo, you do not have to do following.

If you have created a wallet on the Algorand Wallet app, you can import your passphrase into MyAlgo. Here's how.

Importing a Passphrase into MyAlgo

Visit MyAlgo and click on the Access Now.

MyAlgo access now

You will need to accept the disclaimer and then create a password for your wallet. This is the password used to access MyAlgo either from their website or from an app that uses MyAlgo.



After you create a password, you will be asked how you want to create your wallet. We want to click Import Wallet.

add wallet

import wallet

You will see a page where you can name your wallet and enter the passphrase that you copied down while creating your Algorand Wallet. Fill out these fields and click Import wallet.


Now you can access your wallet using MyAlgo on sites lke AB2 Gallery and Rand Gallery and many others! Success!



Created by Minner.Algo