How to Sell NFTs on AB2 Gallery

Getting started

First off, you'll need a wallet and some algos. Check out the homepage for guides on how to get started.

Go to AB2 Gallery and toggle the menu in the top right corner and click "Connect Wallet".

AB2 Gallery - Step #1 AB2 Gallery -  Step #2

Go through the steps in MyAlgo to connect your wallet.

MyAlgo Unlock

If you have multiple wallets in MyAlgo, choose which address to connect to.

AB2 Gallery -  Step #3

Now that your wallet is connected, click the address in the dropdown and then click "Manage".

AB2 Gallery -  Step #4 AB2 Gallery -  Step #5

You need to opt in to AB2 Gallery's ASA (NFT) in order to sell on AB2. Toggle the "Opt-in to Sell" toggle. A modal will open and you can click "Opt in".

AB2 Gallery -  Step #6 AB2 Gallery -  Step #7

Selling your NFT

Now that you are opted in, find the NFT you want to sell in the "Available" tab and click on it.

Below is Golden Alien Bug #678. Let's put him up for sale!

AB2 Gallery -  Step #8

Clicking on the NFT will open this modal. Click on automatic.

AB2 Gallery -  Step #9

Fill out the form and click confirm.

If the NFT is a 1/1, Quantity and Limit Per Order should be 1. Then you can set the price to however many algos you want.

You can also sell more than copy at a time if your NFT is a fractional NFT. Just update the Quantity and Limit Per Order fields as you see fit.

AB2 Gallery -  Step #10 AB2 Gallery -  Golden Alien Bug #678 AB2 Gallery -  Step #11

After clicking confirm, go through the MyAlgo steps. Click confirm again when it comes up. You have to confirm twice to sell the NFT.

Your NFT is now for sale on AB2 Gallery! AB2 Gallery uses smart contracts to send your NFT and a little bit of algos to an escrow account. These are stored there until someone buys the NFT and then all proceeds are sent to you and the NFT is sent to the buyer.

AB2 Gallery -  Step #12



Created by Minner.Algo