How to Mint NFTs on AB2 Gallery

Getting started

First off, you'll need a wallet and some algos. Check out the homepage for guides on how to get started.

Go to AB2 Gallery and toggle the menu in the top right corner and click "Connect Wallet".

AB2 Gallery - Step #1 AB2 Gallery -  Step #2

Go through the steps in MyAlgo to connect your wallet.

MyAlgo Unlock

If you have multiple wallets in MyAlgo, choose which address to connect to.

AB2 Gallery -  Step #3

Creating a new NFT

Now that your wallet is connected, click the address in the dropdown and then click "Manage".

AB2 Gallery -  Step #4 AB2 Gallery -  Step #5

Under the "Available" tab, scroll down to bottom and click "Create ASA".

AB2 Gallery -  Step #6 AB2 Gallery -  Buy #5

A modal will appear. Click automatic.

AB2 Gallery -  Mint Click Automatic

Fill out the fields and click continue.

Name your asset and add the Unit Name. An example might be an NFT named Sour Diesel with a Unit Name of NUGG001. The Unit Name acts as a unique identifier for the NFT among your collection.

If your NFT is a unique 1/1, the Total Supply should be 1.

AB2 Gallery -  Buy #6

After clicking continue, go through the MyAlgo steps.

You now have your new NFT in your wallet!

Now that you have your brand new NFT, check out our How to Sell NFTs on AB2 Gallery guide to get started selling on AB2 Gallery.



Created by Minner.Algo