How to Buy NFTs on Rand Gallery

Getting started

First off, you'll need a wallet and some algos. Check out the homepage for guides on how to get started.

When you have a wallet and some algos, go to Rand Gallery.

Rand Gallery homepage

Click the Sign in link in the top right corner of the page and enter your MyAlgo password to sign in.

Rand Gallery sign in MyAlgo

Now that you're signed in, you can buy NFTs!

Buying an NFT from a listing

There are multiple ways to buy an NFT on Rand Gallery. The first way to buy an NFT is to find the listing that you'd like and just buy it directly.

Go to the collection's page. This example is the M.N.G.O. collection. Going to the collection's page, you'll find listings for all of the NFTs in that collection that are for sale by users.

Rand Gallery M.N.G.O.

Clicking on one of these listings will bring up that NFTs detail page.

M.N.G.O. #425

Clicking the green button with "210 algos" will start the process of buying the NFT. You will need to confirm on MyAlgo to complete the purchase.

You can review all of the details of the transaction and then hit continue and confirm.

My Algo transaction

Grats! You've just purchased an NFT from Rand Gallery! The NFT will appear in your wallet within a few seconds of the purchase. 🥳

Buying an NFT from a shuffle

You can also buy an NFT from a shuffle. A shuffle consists of the entire collection or part of the collection being sold at random. Many collections will start shuffles at specifics days and times so you will have to watch on Twitter or the collection's website to find out when the shuffle is starting.

When you do find a shuffle you want to purchase an NFT from, just go to that shuffle's page on Rand Gallery. Most of the time you'll be able to find these links on Twitter or the collection's website.

The below example is a shuffle for the AlGato collection. You can see a green Shuffle button and the price in algos right below it. You can also see there are 46.6% of the NFTs left in the shuffle. Once this hits 0%, the shuffle will end and you will no longer be able to buy any NFTs from it.

AlGato shuffle

When you click the Shuffle button, you will go through the MyAlgo steps to purchase a random AlGato. When the transaction is successful, you will be awarded with an AlGato from the shuffle collection. You could possibly get a really rare AlGato or a more common one. The fun part is trying for a rare one! Some shuffles allow you to do this multiple times but some limit to one time per wallet.

You can now see your new NFT purchase in your wallet. Enjoy!



Created by Minner.Algo