Burning an NFT on Algodesk

Algodesk is a website you can use to create, manage, and burn Algorand NFTs. Burning an NFT means to destroy it. You can only destroy NFTs that you've created.

Getting started

Since you can't destroy an NFT if you don't own it, you need to have created an NFT of your own first. You can check out our guide on how to mint an NFT on Rand Gallery if you aren't sure how to do that.

Connecting your wallet to Algodesk

Start off by visiting algodesk.io and clicking Open Application or you can go directly to the login page.

Open application button

Select which Algorand network you want to use. You'll most likely want to select MainNet if your NFT is live on the Algorand blockchain. If you created your NFT with our guide, then your NFT will be on MainNet.

Select MainNet

Then connect your wallet by following the MyAlgo Wallet prompts. You can also use AlgoSigner or the official Algorand Mobile Wallet.

Connect wallet

The Dashboard

When you first connect your wallet to Algodesk, you'll see the dashboard. It will show you a list of the NFTs you have created that are still in your wallet.

Algodesk Dashboard

If you haven't created any NFTs yet, this is what you'll see and this guide isn't for you!

No created assets

Destroying an NFT

Now that you're on the dashboard, find the NFT you want to burn and click the three dots in the right hand corner of the card.


Once the dropdown opens, click Delete asset. This will bring up a prompt asking you "Are you sure, you want to delete the asset?" If you're sure, click Delete.

Are you sure?

You will be taken through some MyAlgo prompts. Click the red Review and Approve button and approve the transaction.

review and approve approve transaction

After that, type in your password and click Sign at the bottom of the page.


You'll be redirected back to Algodesk and eventually you'll see a success message.


Nice job! 🥳 You just burned your first Algorand NFT.



Created by Minner.Algo