Finding NFTs to Buy

Have some algos and want to buy/invest in some Algorand NFTs? This guide will help you find new and established NFT collections.

NFT Explorer

NFT Explorer is awesome. Just going to the homepage you'll find a bunch of interesting things to look at.

NFT Explorer

Top Collections

Scrolling down a bit you will see a list of the top 15 NFT collections in the last 7 days. This is an easy way to find popular collections on NFT Explorer.


One of the top collections is Flemish Giants. Clicking that collection will bring you to their collection page. You can see how many items are in the collection, the floor price of the collection, and the total volume of algos for the collection.

flemish giants

Below that is a Sellers button. Clicking on that will bring up a page with all of the current listings for the collection.


Here you can see all of the different NFTs in the collection that are for sale. NFT Explorer displays listings from Rand Gallery, ALGOxNFT, and others. Clicking on any of these will take you to the site to purchase the NFT.

Searching for a collection

If you already know what the collection's name or address is, you can search for it on NFT Explorer. Head over to their site and use the search feature.

The below example is the popular GOON SQUAD collection.

address search GOON SQUAD


In my opinion, Twitter is the best place to newer NFT projects that are just getting started.

The Algorand Twitter community is growing every day. Searching for hashtags like #algofam and #algonfts will show a bunch of results of people discussing Algorand NFTs, doing giveaways, linking to shuffles, scheduling events, and more.

If you want to get into the Algorand NFT space, Twitter is the place to go. I would highly recommend creating a Twitter account and following some or a lot of the people you find when searching for the hastags above.

Twitter #algofam

You'll quickly realize how friendly and social the community is and you'll be able to learn about the NFT projects from the creators themselves.

Popular hashtags to search for and use in tweets: #algofam #algoNFTs $algo



Created by Minner.Algo